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Catching Up Part 3. AKA I love Charity Shops

It feels like another life now when I was working in the media in London. I spent years working in Soho with daily easy access to some of arguably the best retail outlets the world can offer. Now the only local shops in the village I work in seem to be the Post Office (always handy), a cake shop, a chemist, a newsagent and about five charity shops.

The charity shops are amazing. The other week I found a huge collection of sewing notions including lots of zips, brand new thread and some things dating back to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when things were pre decimalisation and post decimalisation but when the half p still existed. I bought the lot for about £2. I do wonder about who it all belonged to. What she bought the various bits for. What she made. What the shops were like where she bought the things. I’m sure though ultimately anyone owning sewing things doesn’t generally like to see things wasted so would prefer her old notions get used in some project of mine rather than going in to landfill

Boilproof knicker elastic. Vintage sewing notions V pleased to find boilproof knicker elastic in my charity shop notions haul. I almost never want to use it as the packaging is so lovely

Sewing notions

Charity shop sewing notions haul


Cotton shirt

Amazing cotton shirt from charity shop

The Jermyn Street cotton shirt I debated over getting for a few days. It was so beautifully tailored and, given I was planning on cutting it up plus my dressmaking skills are very much at a beginner level, it seemed wrong to buy it if someone else may wear it as it was but it seems it was destined for my dressmaking shears. It was sewn with French seams throughout and the cotton is so soft and drapes so beautifully, it’s a total bargain at a couple of pounds for a metre plus of fabric. And in order to make something worthy of the fabric and original tailoring, I guess it’s time I tackled a French seam. I did say I’d get onto talking about them eventually although next up is to share my attempts at patchwork curtains…


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Ok so I’m still in Comic mourning…

Another week has gone by and not a huge amount of making has been occuring. I was sick as a sickything last week plus eldest and youngest daughters both had a turn at the head in bucket style statement. Then that unfamiliar yellow disc appeared in the sky and called me out into the garden to mow, weed, prune, dig, edge, fertilize, mulch, pull, shape. I’ve battled with thorns, bushes and soil and filled two wheely bins full of lovely green waste. I even filled a vase with flowers from some pretty flowering bushes that had just got a bit over enthusiastic and were flowering all over daughters’ slide.

So today after the yellow disc had disappeared and the two terrors were tucked up in bed, I got on my computer and saw this post from Warwick Johnson Cadwell who was the other most regular illustrator for The Comic and thought I’d share. He has an magical knack for making people/animals/inanimate objects/aliens/plants/whatever you can think of have real character plus I’m sure he has some time machine up his sleeve as I’ve been known to send off the e-mail to commission him and these amazing roughs come pinging in my inbox 10 minutes later.

Once I noticed the rough had come in on his mobile. I mentioned in my reply that I hoped he was having a nice day out and about and it turned out he was with his friend in A&E. I immediately had visions of said friend bleeding to death or similar whilst Warwick’s like, ‘Hang in there mate, just got to get this drawing off. Won’t be a minute.’ and continuing to scribble away in his sketchbook. Not to mention all those scary signs saying to turn  mobiles off or risk interfering with life support systems. I like to think that no-one was hurt or killed during the making of The Comic but it was good to know Warwick would always make the deadline.

Can I now also send official apologies to the rest of his family for when I didn’t know they were all on holiday in rural France and so sent off my usual Monday request and Warwick never mentioned the holiday until I’d approved roughs and he said that final artwork may be a little later than usual as he needed to drive miles to the nearest town in order to get an internet connection abandoning his family  to do so. So please can I say sorry to all Johnson Cadwell clan for possibly ruining lovely family holiday. But also thank you thank you thank you for everything. The snails, the bees, the fake sick etc. It was fun.

I promise to post up some makes and ‘how to’s’ soon. Eldest daughter has been battling an ever increasing brood of stuffed toys on her bed. They’re worse than rabbits in their rate of breeding. Also am assuming they share some dna with lemmings in their enthusiasm for jumping off top bunk into chasm of bedroom floor below. So I want something nice and attractive to go in her room and keep the little darlings off her bed so she gets some sleep. Plus to keep teddies off the floor and to help save them from themselves in their desire to hurl themselves from great heights. Watch this space for my solution. Currently thinking along lines of big bag on wall with card backing to stiffen…

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