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Lovely linen part 2

You may have noticed that I’ve been rather quiet as of late. It’s that time of year when I design the fifty odd page brochure for my daughter’s school’s Summer Fayre. Plus I’ve been taking on other design work on top so have been surviving on four hours sleep on too many nights. One thing I promised myself though when it was all done was that I’d make myself this bag that I’ve been itching to do for a while now…

After my falling back in love with linen doing my book cover, I thought I’d use it on a bag and thought that this bird fabric I found on e-bay would look rather gorgeous with the linen. I so wished I had a nice bright orange bit of cotton or embroidery thread to add some accents elsewhere on the bag but settled with green as that is what I had in my threads and I used a green print for the lining.

Lovely linen and bird bag

I saw a basic pattern in Sew Hip Magazine which I adapted to suit me. I used a sheet of A3 paper as a start and measured out a square using the short edge as one side so 297mm x 297mm and cut out two pieces of linen and two pieces of lining at this size.

Then I cut out two half panels of the bird fabric – I just did this by eye and what suited the fabric. These were then sewn onto the two linen panels. I did a row of cross stitch on one side and then ran out of brown thread. Why is it that when looking at reels of thread, it looks like there is like maasses of thread still on it and then before you know it nasty beige plastic is showing through? Would have dearly liked some orange for this too. But it was Sunday and I wanted my bag now and didn’t want to wait till I could get some more thread.

I thought I’d put a nice little pocket on the inside of the bag for my phone and keys so sewed on onto one of the lining panels. Here’s a piccie of it inside the finished bag. I sewed a bit of ribbon along the top of the pocket for prettyness and also to make it a bit stronger to withstand my keys bashing against it.

Inside bag showing pocket and lovely lining.

Then it was a case of sewing both linen panels around three sides and the two lining panels around the three sides. Did a quick bit of gusset sewing into the bottom of both and sewed the two gussets together and at this stage decided a pocket might look a bit lovely on the outside. I sewed another bit of ribbon along the top of it and a few buttons on – was fancying using some of my self covered ones but the colours were all wrong and I liked these and the wooden/shiny contrasts against the linen and cotton. Then I had the job of sewing the pocket on having already sewn up half the bag. Lol. Should really decide these things earlier on in the design process.

Then it was the joy of the handle sewing and turning inside out and sewing again. Again I would have loved a bit of orange on these handles but green is lovely too. Then I turned a hem down on the linen and a hem down on the lining and sewed both – then slotted in the handles and sewed it altogether.

Ta Da! Another lovely linen item.


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Buttons, buttons everywhere

What else to do whilst watching Kirstie Allsopp’s Homemade Home but to make stuff. So I settled myself down with some buttons to cover in various sizes and here they are…

lots of lovely buttons

Now of course I need to make lots of stuff to put them on. Have put some on hair grips already for when a girl needs her hair accessories. Going to sew a few onto some hair bands for the girls to wear. Need to find some cute material now to match their school uniforms so they can do cute and be all matchy matchy at the same time. A lot of the fabric scraps used here are japanese imports from places like Fabric Rehab.

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I heart vintage buttons

Had irresistable urge to raid my buttons and beads collection last night to make this bracelet for myself. It’s my birthday on Tuesday and have just been made redundant as the Guardian are no longer going to publish mine and Perri Lewis’s beloved Comic. So I needed to cheer myself up on the cheap.

You really can’t beat a combination of old vintage buttons and lovely glass and carved precious stone. The beads make the buttons seem  more precious by association and the buttons give the beads character and quirky charm. A win win situation.

Vintage button and bead bracelet

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