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The Comic, making smartphone catchers and other related things

Well it’s Monday which would normally mean getting on with the next Saturday’s issue of The Comic and I’m here instead contacting old art director chums scouting for some freelance design. Have rather scary meeting scheduled on Wednesday with Simon Esterson, he of designing Guardian, Sight&Sound, Blueprint, Domus, New Statesman, NZZ etc etc fame but even  he says things are quiet right now so not crossing too many things in case I cut off the circulation and end up losing an arm or something too.

As my mind is on all things Comic today I thought I’d share my leaving card which was so good I did actually blub a little on opening it. The illustration is by Jonathan Edwards and words are by Sarah Habershon, John-Henry Barac and Andrew Stocks (all art directors extraordinaire).

The maze is by John-Henry. It was a regular Monday morning occurance for me to text both Perri and Sarah with a progress report on my train journey which invariably was sabotaged by malfunctioning train doors, snow, floods, mad people, etc. On one occasion the bus driver of the replacement bus transport managed to lose his way.

Particularly impressed by Jonathan managing to get the correct number of iPhone handsets which I’ve managed to help on their journey back to their maker. Kicker line of ‘iPhone Catcher – make your toilet smartphone proof!’ is totally inspired.

So without anymore waffle from me – here is the lovely card…

The Comic Emma leaving card

P.S. Youngest daughter managed to correctly identify all parts of image. She thinks of the penguins as Caitlin’s now as she helped me make them and they’re on her shelf in her room. So she was a little perturbed as to what the penguins were doing and how Jonathan knew about them to draw them. I think she thinks he has magical  powers which of course he does.

Oh and the five tiny things to do today? 1. Buy chocolate on way to work 2. Eat chocolate for mid-morning snack 3. Have lunch 4. Buy chocolate from canteen 5. Eat chocolate for mid-afternoon snack. Easy peasy.

Thank you everyone.


March 30, 2009 at 9:28 am 3 comments

I heart vintage buttons

Had irresistable urge to raid my buttons and beads collection last night to make this bracelet for myself. It’s my birthday on Tuesday and have just been made redundant as the Guardian are no longer going to publish mine and Perri Lewis’s beloved Comic. So I needed to cheer myself up on the cheap.

You really can’t beat a combination of old vintage buttons and lovely glass and carved precious stone. The beads make the buttons seem  more precious by association and the buttons give the beads character and quirky charm. A win win situation.

Vintage button and bead bracelet

March 29, 2009 at 1:05 pm 4 comments

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